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Australia Day Event

At the Genius Café Sanur in Sanur, we like to celebrate the most important days of the year. Sometimes, they’re beautiful family gatherings like Christmas. Other days, they’re fun party-times like New Year’s Eve or St. Patrick’s Day, or romantic — like Valentine’s Day.

With many of our most loyal fans (and staff members) hailing from Australia, the 26th of January is always a big event at the Genius Café Sanur, as we celebrate Australia Day with a nice Aussie inspired menu, with buckets of beers and classic tunes from Down Under. 

This year, there’s also an important element of charity to the event though, as we will be raising as much money as we can for the bushfire reliefs. This will support victims and communities, as well as helping some of the animals injured in these historic bushfires. 

To commemorate this special day, we’ll be serving Aussie-style hot dogs, with both meat and vegan-friendly options. The day wouldn’t be complete without buckets of Australian beer, so we’ll have loads of them available. Add to this our scrumptious in-house made Lamingtons, and you’ve got yourself an amazing day to celebrate with family or friends.

To increase our fundraising for the bushfire reliefs, $1 dollar from all the ‘Australia Day specials’ purchases per person will provide disaster relief for the Australian bushfires. We will also be taking voluntary donations from customers who wish to contribute more.

Our bushfire fundraising will be done in partnership with B1G1, a ‘global business giving movement’ that makes it possible for businesses to give to charity, easily and effectively. The B1G1 Bushfire Relief Bundle will assist bushfire relief efforts in the following ways:

  1. Support the Victims and Communities — BlazeAid
    This project helps the people affected by the bushfire receive short, mid and long-term relief, to build new fencing and to be supported by community-based volunteers.
  2. Support Injured Animals — Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors

Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital is currently treating many burned animals and every bit of support will help them save more lives. In addition, they also deliver medical supplies to the very forefront of the fires.

These are some of the wonderful organisations doing their best to support restoring affected communities and forests, as well as helping to treat injured animals. You can support their great work by joining us for Australia Day at the Genius Café Sanur and donating.

Australia is in the midst of an unprecedented fire season that has affected millions of acres, destroyed thousands of homes, and claimed dozens of human lives. The unique Aussie wildlife is affected even worse, with some preliminary estimates suggesting that more than a billion wild creatures have perished.

Whether you’re an Aussie in Bali or from any other part of the world, Genius Café Sanur wishes we can all come together and support the rescue efforts against the devastating fires in Australia. Your support will be split equally between helping restore affected communities through BlazeAid, and treating injured wildlife via the Zoo Wildlife Warriors.

Learn more about our partner’s Disaster Relief for Australian Bushfires Bundle, below:

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