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Genius Colada

Cocktails are meant to be fun — both in terms of looks, and their effects. At the Genius Café Sanur, we’ve also made them a bit healthier, for some extra balance.

From the classic vodka martini to a tropical pina colada, cocktails are often the best way to check out the creativity and experience of a restaurant/bar. We are proud at the Genius Café Sanur of having amazing bartenders who pride themselves in providing us with cool, exotic cocktails to make your tastebuds dance in joy.

For February, we’d like to highlight one of the greatest treasures from the island of Puerto Rico — the Pina Colada. Nevermind their ancient gold, sugar, coffee or tobacco… This sweet concoction is arguably their truest gift to humanity; a perfect combination of tropical fruit and liquor, with our signature Genius twist.

Genius Colada


  • 45 ML Rum
  • 30 ML Coconut Liqueur
  • 2 pcs Fresh Pineapple
  • 10 ML Sugar syrup


  • Blend


  • Pandan Leaf and Caramelised Pineapple


  • Recycled glass

The Genius Colada is as simple as it is good. Although the classic way to drink it is on a hammock, while enjoying the cruisy vibes of a hot summer day, you can actually enjoy this year round, rain or shine, for the ultimate feels in relaxation.

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