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Create your Rhythm, Find your Flow, Leverage your Skills and Build your Global Network

Create your Rhythm, Find your Flow, Leverage your Skills and Build your Global Network

iLab for Location Independent Entrepreneurs | Bali, Indonesia

iLab for Location Independent Entrepreneurs | Bali, Indonesia

When 15 location independent individuals and entrepreneurs converge in Bali for a very special gathering, you know that magic is going to happen. Together, at iLAB, we explore global trends, emerging opportunities, and best practices for living and working anywhere in the world.

Over two weeks, key changemakers participate in a series of networking and learning opportunities, including case study discussions covering the most important topics and concerns relevant to living and working a location free lifestyle and how to find flow in changing and challenging environments.

iLab on Purpose | Bali, Indonesia

iLAB is Asia’s first Resort Entrepreneur Accelerator, with accommodation, business mentoring, and coworking on the paradise island of Bali.

Here, hundreds have grown successful businesses and models. Yet, the true value of iLAB is the forging of lifelong connections and partnerships with fellow participants which ultimately makes all the rest possible.

With 15 location independent business people together for two weeks, we have found that the bonds and potential for growth are exponential.

iLAB | Program Content


How to take the purpose and passion you’re already connected with and integrate it more fully into every level of your life


Connect with fellow lifestyle entrepreneurs and build your global community to increase your social and support networks


iLAB brings in industry leading experts, who excel at teaching entrepreneurs how to forge a strong market position to create ongoing attraction and cashflow, as well as how to build the products, partnerships, service and systems to run a purposedriven education company.



A clear picture for what success and fulfillment looks like to you, in all aspects of your life, including your wealth, health, energy, relationships and environment.


How to create effective promotions which deliver results and income, with a process of testing and measuring to ensure ongoing improvements in your work


Join The Movement | Bali, Indonesia

On September 25th 2015, countries adopted a set of Global Goals, 17 in fact, to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all aspart of a new sustainable development agenda.

Every individual and business has the opportunity to contribute to creating a sustainable future and as location independent operators, we have an opportunity to lead the way in the change we seek.

Join the Movement at iLAB, as a location free community, we have the opportunity to collaborate in new ways, have a positive impact on the places we visit and create an impact with the work we do.

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